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Who Are We?


J21Media is a newly formed online media consulting business that specialises specifically in copywriter, content writing, web design and affordable seo services or as it is also known as Search Engine Optimisation. Based in Wiltshire in the South West we have many clients from all over the United Kingdom that utilise the services we provide.

What Do We Do?


J21Media business is solely down to offering high quality affordable seo services which specifically include original content writing, copywriting services, article marketing and article publishing. Our aim is to aid commercial web sites to achieve a good online presence by using quality seo techniques that get results. As a company our core focus is on quality original content writing for articles as this is a key area that the major search engines take into consideration when ranking web sites.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Briefly Explained


Search Engine Optimisation is very commonly known as seo in the field of search engine marketing, so if you have ever heard this phrase before that is what they were referring to.


In a nutshell seo is the altering of certain attributes both on a web site and off a web site too influence the way a search engine will rank that web site for a specific key word or phrase.


A search engine will take many factors into account which include the following:


- The content of the web site needs to be relevant and useful to the public and it also needs to include words that the site wants to be ranked for, so in effect the search engines can see that it is something that people will find useful.


- Next the search engines want to see that the web site not only has good content but it is also popular, so that’s why it looks for other sites linking into it (Remember that the search engines need these links to be organic and not bought from link farms otherwise your web site could get black listed).


- Regular up dates to a web site for example in the news section is a very good thing to do as it shows the search engines that the information is ‘current’ and ‘up to date’.

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What Services Do We Offer


As a business we focus on a core issue rather than many different areas, we prefer to be experts in one area than average in many. We focus specifically on offering affordable seo services to people with existing web sites. We offer a full consultancy package that covers core areas in  seo wiltshire and search engine marketing with our main focus on content writing, copywriting services, article creation and article submission. We also offer an affordable web design service to our clients in which we incorporate all seo friendly techniques for the on-page seo factors.

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Why Choose J21Media?


Simply put we have a good knowledge of how organic seo works and by using our core experience as professional copywriters we use high quality copy and article marketing to maximise your seo ranking. For every client we provide the following:


- Detailed Keyword Research

- Quality original copy

- Employ organic seo techniques

- In-depth knowledge of Article Marketing

- Professional Copywriters used

- Affordable seo prices

- Professional advice

- Link Building & Link Baiting

- Web Design Services

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