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About Affordable  SEO


Seo is the abbreviation of the term search engine optimisation which is changing a set amount of elements on a web site and off a web site, so that it ranks ‘higher’ in the major search engines such as Google.


All commercial companies that want to have a web site need to think about seo and what the value of ranking well for certain search terms means to their business.


As an seo Wiltshire company, we focus heavily on seo and conveying what is organic seo to our clients is part of our service

What Is The Difference Between SEO & Pay Per Click (PPC)?


While both seo and ppc are related because they are both elements of online marketing they actually share no similarities in how they work apart from the same end product - first page search engine rankings.


Seo as stated above is the changing of certain elements to effectively optimise a web site so search engines can rank it more effectively where ppc is about paying a company such as Google ad words to get your web site to the front page for a fee every time someone clicks on your link.


SEO Pros

- If done effectively and well seo can help your web site rank very well in the organic listings I.e. The list on the left hand side of a Google screen.


- Even if you stop doing any seo, your web site will still remain in the search engines and will still rank for key terms and phrases.


- Seo involves submitting good copywriting services and article submissions all over the Internet which means there will be many articles and press release regarding your products trying to pull traffic into your web site.


SEO Cons

- The seo formula is constantly changing and so some business owners get confused as to what works and what doesn’t work.


- Quality organic seo takes time (three months minimum) to see good results and lasting results, which again can worry some business owners.


PPC Pros


- A ppc campaign will get you to the first page of Google for a certain keyword or phrase very quickly.


- You can budget easily on ppc by only allowing ‘x’ amount of clicks per months.


PPC Cons


- When a ppc campaign is stopped then your web site will not appear anywhere near the first page of Google for any keywords.


- The conversion rate of the paid listings is much lower than that of the organic listings, so the money to be made from ppc is lower than in seo.




Both are worth having and a good seo company will incorporate ppc and seo together in a plan so that you have twice as much chance of a conversion on Google. Moreover seo may take longer but the results that you can have for a first page ranking for a competitive term are definitely worth the commercial investment.

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