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Content Writing


Content writing is a huge part of achieving successful seo online today. J21Media’s core business is content writing and this is often for article submissions on products and services for business’s trying to raise their profile.


Effective content writing is just as much about quality copywriting as it is about keyword density and anchor text backlinks and it is all these areas that J21Media specialise in.

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What Has Content Writing Got To Do With SEO?


The quick answer here is that content writing has a lot to do with seo and how the search engines will rank your web site.


The reason good content is needed is because the search engines do not look for just links going into web sites anymore; rather they look for articles originally written about relevant information related to your web sites I.e. A car company would write articles about cars, car parts or anything car related.


It is these types of articles that can really improve presence online moreover having many articles all linking back to your web site is a good way to put your company across and get traffic into your web site.


As you can see good content writing has several benefits to seo and to traffic.

Why Not Sign Up To The Thousand Links Deals - It’s Much Cheaper?


The thousand links deals are deals that are often emailed through suggesting that if you pay a small fee they will get you 1,000 inbound links or something along those lines. These are often in the industry referred to as link farms and are not a good idea at all.


The reason they are not a good idea is because the search engines recognise them from a mile away and know that they are not organic links moreover they could actually give you negative ranking as a result or worse have you black listed off the major search engines for blatant seo manipulation.


If you are asking yourself this question then you know that seo rankings are important and competitive. Then you also know that if it was that easy to rank well by signing up to these types of deals then everyone would be doing it. The simple answer is it is not that easy and you will just be wasting your money.

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