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Copywriting services is a very large part of what we at J21Media aim to deliver for our customers who are trying to achieve successful seo rankings. Our skills have been refined over the years to change from traditional copy writing to the new modern form of copywriting that is associated with online marketing and search engine optimisation.

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Why Do I Need a Copywriter For SEO?


To achieve positive results online in terms of organic seo strategies, good a good copywriter is vital to this. The main reason for this is because the major search engines search through billions of web pages each day and then rank the accordingly to relevance. This is why good copywriting and content writing is essential because they will produce well written articles, keyword dense copy, original words and most importantly they will be able to implement anchor text back links to your web site which is extremely important for seo success.

What Is Persuasive Copy Writing?


Finding a good copywriter can sometimes be a difficult task to achieve and finding one that has good prices and some seo knowledge as well can also be a challenge however one thing that you do need your copywriter to be able to do is write persuasively.


Why? Simply put they will be writing articles about your services, news and products and so need to be able to persuade people to check your web site out and even make a purchase.


Find below some areas that need to be persuasive in your copy.




Your headlines should be no longer than eight or nine words for impact purposes and your body text maybe one thousand words long however a large portion of your time needs to go into a catchy, well thought out title. Did you just ask why again? Well because out of the whole article it is the one element that everyone is going to definitely read.


If it is good enough then you might just entice them to read the article and if that is good enough you might just pull a customer through to the web site.


Follow The Formula!


Within the copy writing world we have a very well known formula that should be incorporated in every piece of copy produced when writing persuasively. The formula is called problem to agitate to solve.


So for example consider you are a car owner and you read the following headline:

            “Does your car always pickup dirt even after it has just been cleaned?  ”


So you agree with the title because you can relate to it and are the persuaded to read on to see if the solution is viable for yourself.


The Close


Good copy writing and content writing can only take you so far and persuade you to read so far. The product or service needs to have a good ‘hook’ to get the consumer to part with their cash.


So lets assume that the rest of the article was on the new product from Car Clean Wonder Wax and they have developed this brand new wax that repels dirt from your paintwork on your car. It has a great selling point and so the deal is closed. Remember good copy can only do so much but it is essential to success on the Internet.

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