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Google Shopping aka Google Merchant Centre


Google Shopping has been known as a few names over the years such as Google Base and Froogle but it appears the two names that are used today are Google Shopping and Google Merchant Centre.


This service is the ability to format a spread sheet or xml file which is then submitted to Google which they then will place at times in their search results for products they feel are relevant to the search entered.

How does Google Shopping Work exactly?


Google Shopping can help improve your online sales by submitting all your products to Google.


Once your products are submitted to Google Shopping, you then need to effectively optimise the spread sheet, so that Google will place your products higher in the results.


Essentially it is a service that Google offers for people to put their products, services, houses or cars online to sell and it can help increase online sales dramatically.

So How Do You Optimise Google Shopping Products?


Well this is not an easy process and it can take many hours to do especially if you have lots of products that need formatting. You can either format an excel spread sheet (tab delimited) or code a xml document however some website's have the functionality to integrate into Google Shopping via FTP


Regular optimisation of Google Shopping products is needed to maintain a good rank and so just like seo, it need to be done each month. Either way the most important aspects for effective Google Shopping (Google Merchant Centre) optimisation is to do the following.


Firstly you need to provide as much information in the fields as possible, correctly formatted title’s (70 characters max), accurate keyword anchor text description’s, competitive pricing and most importantly quality website reviews in some of the main reviews centre websites. All these factors are taken into account when Google is deciding on how to rank your products in its algorithm.

Screen Shot of how Google Shopping products are displayed in the main Google search engine results. As you can see these are displayed right at the top of the search results making Google Shopping optimisation extremely important.

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