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Link Building


Link building is the concept in seo that involves ‘building’ or ‘creating’ links into the web site you are optimising. Like with anything in seo it is not as simple as buying lots of links as the Search Engines can detect these types of mass link buying and will not rank you for it. The links that are built have to be done manually and from reputable sources, which can take countless hours to achieve.

How Many Links Do I Need To Be Number One?


Unfortunately there is no right answer to this question because links from different web sites have different value. The best way to look at links into your web site is to look at links like votes. The more votes you have the better but like we said above, these links (votes) need to be quality and not mass purchased or the big search engines such as Google will know you are trying ‘rig the election’ so to speak.


Also getting links from very respectable well known web sites such as sky news can give a lot of credibility and can be worth more than one hundred less respectable links. In reality it is a combination ratio of volume of organic links to quality of organic links.


The bottom line with link building is it takes time and patience. It is one of the main tasks a good seo company will spend a long time each day doing to make sure that the links are quality and have authority.

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