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The term ‘ppc’ stands for pay per click and it is used to refer to the Internet advertising model where you get advertisers pay their host when and only when their advert is clicked. In search engines what normally happens is that advertisers will bid directly on a certain keyword or phrases related to their market. On actual content web sites then you don’t normally find bidding going on but a fixed price normally for the year.

So PPC Will Get Me To The First Page Of Google -

Why Even Bother With SEO?


This is a question that we do get asked a lot but if you understand the principles behind both ppc and seo, it is quite obvious why you would want seo before ppc or alternatively combine the two methods.


Seo will take slightly longer to achieve a good rank in organic seo however what you are doing is building your web site domains ‘authority’ in Google, Yahoo and Bing’s in a very valuable way. Also once you have achieved a first page ranking then your web site will keep ranking for those key words even if you stopped any seo work. What we will say though is that you’re web site would begin to slip down the rankings especially if it is for a commercial keyword or phrase as you will have many web sites trying for Page 1.


Ppc will get you a first page rank however you will only be on the first page for that keyword and only for a set amount of clicks and then your site will be nowhere. So combining the 2 methods together is the best way to increase a click through rate I.e. Have your web site page 1 on Google organic listings and in the paid section also. This has been proven to increase traffic quite considerably.

Is The Rumour That PPC Will Improve My Web Sites SEO True?


This is one of the many myths out on the market of seo but this is absolutely not true. There in fact has never been any evidence or proof produced that would even begin to back up this claim. The search engines have very clear walls in their organisations that separate the two in their entirety. Even big companies that spend tens of thousands of pounds on ppc campaigns have said that they have never seen preferential treatment in the organic listings as a result.

Who Do I Get My PPC Words From?


The three main players in the ppc world are Google Ad Words, Microsoft Ad Centre and Yahoo! Search Marketing and these all operate under what is known as the bid based model we discuss above.

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