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Press Release


Press Releases are a very important part of a successful seo campaign and an area that quite often gets forgotten about. Like with everything involved in seo, if done correctly and professionally without cutting corners it can have a great impact on your seo ranking. A press release needs to be a short piece normally written by a professional copywriter that is distributed into some of the main stream online press circulations and can end up being ranked in Yahoo! News or Google News.

What Is The Benefit Of Being In Somewhere Like Google News?


The benefit of being in somewhere like Google News or any of the major news engines is that Google gives a lot of value to having inbound links from these places. With big search engines like Google it is not just about the amount of links that you have but also where those links come from. By having a link coming from a professionally written press release that is being featured in Google News then this is what we call a ‘high value link’ that carries a lot of ‘authority’ which results in a better Google ranking.

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