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Black Hat SEO


Black hat seo is a technique that is employed by many search engine optimisation companies in the UK and all over the world. The term has become a bit to generic and because seo is such a complex area with no one correct method, it can sometimes be over used. In short black gat seo techniques are when a person deliberately tries to manipulate the search engine results through the use of link purchasing, spamming, keyword stuffing and techniques similar to these.

Does Black Hat SEO Work At All?


The answer is hard answer to give because some black hat techniques can give a web site some positive rankings but generally these are very short lived and really are not worth the effort. The search engines are constantly on the look out for new techniques and once they find them they create complex algorithms to discount web sites that are using them. In short the search engines have the most skill full search engine engineers working constantly to discredit any manipulative seo work.


Black hat seo is on the decline because it is much harder to successfully get away with these techniques as the search engines have become much more advanced and intelligent. Too much black hat seo can actually get you booted off Google with no chance of getting back on. People often thing that being on Google is a right - it is not - it is a privilege.

What Is White Hat Seo?


White hat seo is the term used to describe when seo is used to best practise and with no manipulative techniques. This is where a seo will use organic link building, blogging, well written link baits, professional article writing and other such techniques.


This is always the best bet when looking at seo because these quality organic techniques are the type of techniques that will get you a great seo ranking for a long time and not a short lived ranking you would be sure to get with using black hat seo techniques.

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